Genocidal Country Reacts To Ron DeSantis

( The Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times recently published an editorial decrying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, describing it as “a new low in politics.”

In an editorial titled “Political stunts on migrants show new low in politics,” Global Times assailed both Governor DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions, accusing the Republican governors of trampling the illegals “under the feet of U.S. politicians.”

Global Times is notorious for echoing the Chinese Communist Party’s denials about the human rights violations of ethnic minorities in China, including the Muslim Uyghurs.

And yet this paper that pretends the Uyghur genocide isn’t happening is clutching its pearls over DeSantis sending 50 illegals to the exclusive, wealthy island of Martha’s Vineyard as if being sent to Martha’s Vineyard is so much worse than forced sterilizations, concentration camps, and genocide.

Talk about a lack of self-awareness.

In the editorial, Global Times also gave a shout-out to Socialist Squaddie Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for accusing Republicans of “committing crimes against humanity.”

Ah, yes. There is no worse crime against humanity than taking a charter flight to Martha’s Vineyard.

All of this makes sense when you understand the purpose of China’s propaganda outlets.

The state-run media in China serves two purposes: to promote the Party line at home and foment division in the United States.

It’s why Chinese propagandists exploited the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020.

And it’s why they are happy to use the current crisis at the southern border.

For all the screeching over Russian interference in American politics, there is no greater foreign interference than that coming from China.