Gavin Newsom Launches “Fireside Chat” Stream

( After dropping off the map for over a week, Gavin Newsom’s office announced on Monday that California’s elusive Governor would be peeking out from whatever hidey-hole he’s been in to present a live-streamed “fireside chat” at the California Economic Summit on Tuesday.

Newsom was scheduled to fly to Glasgow, Scotland on October 29 for the UN Climate Change Conference, but abruptly canceled the trip due to what his office called “family obligations.” The last time Newsom held a public appearance was back on October 27 when he staged a photo-op of himself receiving his COVID booster shot.

As the days ticked by with no sighting of Newsom, people on social media began to wonder “Where in the World is Gavin Newsom?” A guy who loves the spotlight as much as Gavin disappearing for days was bound to inspire speculation. Unsurprisingly, the most popular theory to explain Gavin’s sudden disappearance was he must’ve had an adverse reaction to the booster shot.

By Sunday, November 7, the speculation got to be too much for Newsom’s actress wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom. In a now-deleted tweet, the “First Partner” expressed disgust at the rumors, complaining that “when someone cancels something” maybe he’s just working or spending free time at home with family or eating out with his wife. “Please stop hating and get a life,” the snippy First Partner exclaimed.

Remember when First Lady Melania Trump wasn’t seen in public for a week? Good heavens, CNN was doing a daily tally while speculating on her whereabouts. But the Governor of one of the biggest states in the nation drops off the radar for a week, and the missus has a meltdown when people think it’s odd.

But it probably wasn’t his weeklong absence that prompted Newsom to schedule this “fireside chat.” Instead, it was more likely in response to the release of photos showing Newsom and his snippy wife attending the posh, faux-royal wedding of the billionaire oil heiress Ivy Getty over the weekend.

Newsom’s press secretary Daniel Lopez told the Washington Examiner that the elusive governor spent last week working in Sacramento on “urgent issues” like COVID vaccines for children, booster shots, the ports, and the state’s economy – not to mention getting his hair just right for Ivy Getty’s upcoming nuptials. That alone must have taken the better part of the week.