French President Assaulted On Camera

( Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, got an unexpected slap to the face on Tuesday by a French man who presented himself as a supporter. The incident occurred in a small French town in the south-eastern region of the country, and video of the slap quickly went viral all over the world.

It really is the least of Macron’s troubles. France’s capital city Paris has been overwhelmed by riots by angry citizens since 2018. Protesters known as the “gilet jaunes,” or the “yellow vests,” have rioted and protested in the city streets most weekends for several years now, resulting in entire streets and stores being burned out in protest against rising taxes and costs in the country.

Speaking to local newspaper Le Dauphine Libere, Macron dismissed the slap as an “isolated act” by an “ultra-violent individual.”

He said that the slap won’t stop him from continuing his duties and continuing to meet French people.

Macron’s bodyguard can be seen in the video raising his hand to stop the slap, but he was mere moments too late and the French president literally took it on the cheek.

Damien Tarel, the 28-year-old man responsible the slap, is now looking at a fine and possible jail time if he is found guilty of assaulting the president in a trial set in the city of Valence. Following the slap, he was very quickly arrested by authorities.

He told the press that he gave Macron a “rather violent” slap to the face, and said that he couldn’t help it when he saw Macron’s “friendly, lying look.” He described how he felt disgusted and had an impulsive reaction that he surprised himself with.

Tarel said that he slapped Macron because he has overseen the “decline” of France.