Fox News Starting To Cover Election Fraud!

( Fox News finally seems to be getting the message that Republicans have legitimate concerns about the integrity of the national elections process, with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo discussing the issue of fraud and misconduct at length with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Sunday.

Bartiromo, who is no stranger to the discussion and who is one of a number of people targeted by a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic over claims that Fox anchors made inaccurate assertions about their voting machine software and hardware, asked Paxton what he thought about voter fraud in Arizona and Georgia, and whether Texas has a similar situation.

And he didn’t disappoint.

“Yeah, so if you look at election results from 4 years ago, Georgia and Texas were very similar. We fought off 12 lawsuits. We were sued 12 times over mail-in ballots. It was Harris County, it was Travis County, these big urban counties that wanted to mail out all of these ballots in violation of state law. Clearly what was not allowed by the state legislature. So, they did not want signature verification,” he said.

He said that he was told by a federal judge that the measures were unconstitutional, that he had won every lawsuit, and had he not won those lawsuits then he believes the ballots would have gone out and it would have led to mass mail-in fraud or discrepancies that could have swayed the result of the election.

In the weeks and months following the 2020 presidential election, Fox News appeared hesitant to discuss topics like this – and even cut some guests off for talking about it. But those days are over.

He added that because he defended election integrity by denying mass mail-in voting without signature verification, Trump won legitimately.

“We’re able to have a Republican legislature here and Georgia was completely turned,” he said.

Bartiromo asked if he was questioning the results in Georgia, to which he said, “I absolutely question.”

And not without good reason.

Look Ahead America, a voter integrity campaign put together by data analyst Matt Braynard, released a report in April of the Georgia election results, claiming that they “prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of the state of Georgia’s presidential electoral votes in the 2020 General Election is unknowable.”

Let’s hope we see more about this on Fox News.