Fox News Stars Think Trump Will Return To Twitter

( Following the announcement on Monday that Elon Musk will acquire Twitter for $44 billion, the cohosts of The Five responded with glee, proclaiming it a triumph for free expression.

Everyone at the table agreed that Musk would lift Donald Trump’s ban and allow Donald Trump to rejoin Twitter and that the former president would comply despite having stated that he would not return to the platform.

(Following the Capitol revolt on January 6, 2021, Twitter permanently terminated President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.)

Donald Trump said that he would not be returning to Twitter even if reinstated but would instead continue to use TRUTH, the social media network he founded and is presently struggling to popularize.

Geraldo Rivera said he’s a great supporter of Elon Musk and supposes that the Twitter acquisition was a fantastic deal because he’s a genius and usually successful.

Rivera then cited Trump’s words and thought them dubious. He didn’t believe Trump would be staying away from the Twitter platform after Musk overturned his permanent ban.

Jeanine Pirro asked Rivera why he thought Trump said that about staying off Twitter.

Rivera said it’s because he built his own platform called Truth Social, and because he’s known Trump for so many years, he was confident that Trump would change his mind in a heartbeat.

Pirro concurred.

Greg Gutfeld said that he thinks this is horrible news for Truth Social because Trump’s not going to be able to help himself and is sure Trump will be back on Twitter, delivering his “mean tweets.”

Everyone concurred.

Musk’s acquisition spellbound Gutfeld.

Gutfeld marveled at the thought of having so much money that you may feel somewhat annoyed over something and then buy the thing that offended you.

Dana Perino responded by saying that that was “her dream.”