Fox News Star Suffers Planned “Ambush” By Angry Protestor

( Fox News has roundly condemned a man behind a recent incident in a Montana fly-fishing store after Fox anchor Tucker Carlson was publicly berated on camera. Carlson, who is the most-watched man in television news, was slammed as the “worst human being known to man” by an individual in the store looking to get some views on social media.

Fox issued a statement about the video, which has since gone viral, stating that ambushing Carlson while he is in a store with members of his family is “totally inexcusable.”

“No public figure should be accosted” regardless of what political opinion they have, simply because a person has an intolerance to others who do not share their opinion, the statement added.

The man who accosted Carlson is Dan Bailey. He published the video of himself attacking Carlson on his social media, clearly indicating that his intention was to become famous from the incident.

Social justice warriors often flock around people who are loud in public, who engage in intimidation tactics, or even those who commit violence in the name of their left-wing agenda.

In the video, which you can see below, Carlson laughs it off and says, “I appreciate that.” He eventually walks away from the man, but he continues to chase Carlson.

Weirdly enough, the store was also named “Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company,” but it did not have any connection to the man in the attack. The outdoor store distanced itself from what happened and stated that they did not condone what the man did.

The statement from the outdoor store said that they “treat every customer equally and respectfully.”

Attacks like this may not stop until Democrats stop rewarding people who engage in this kind of behavior.