Fox News Star Stops Democrat Insider: “I’m Going To Stop You Right There…”

( On Thursday, former Biden campaign surrogate Kevin Walling sparred with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner. The tension occurred when Walling stupidly linked the crisis at the border to the discussion in the House regarding the speakership job.

To address the growing issue, President Joe Biden is scheduled to make his first-ever trip to the southern border, with his arrival perhaps occurring as soon as this coming Sunday. Before departing for Mexico to attend the North American Leaders’ Summit, Biden planned to stop in the El Paso area. Walling lauded Biden for his plans and expressed his satisfaction that Biden would be traveling to the border, stating that it was a “good” indication for the people of the United States.

Walling said that when you compare it to the “anarchy we’re seeing in the House of Representatives,” you see true presidential leadership on the border.

Faulkner said, “I’m gonna stop you there because I think you’re really going to be angry with yourself when you watch this back and you actually compared people dying at the border to people having political conversations inside the House of Representatives. So I’m going to help save you for yourself.”

Walling retorted, “It’s a fantastic thing to see the president going there,” in response to the comment.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California), a Republican candidate for speaker of the House of Representatives, could not secure sufficient support from other Republicans and conservatives. As a result, the position remains vacant. The nomination of Arizona Representative Andy Biggs, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, and Florida Representative Byron Donalds has been selected as an alternative by twenty Republican lawmakers who have banded together in opposition to McCarthy’s candidacy.