Fox News Quadruples CNN Across Prime Time, Ratings Show

( Fox News trounced its competitors in a stunning way on Wednesday night.

According to an online rating investigator, Fox News had 2.87 million total viewers during prime time, while MSNBC had 1.13 million viewers. While Fox News more than doubled MSNBC in prime time ratings, CNN was more than quadrupled.

CNN was a distant third in prime time ratings, with only 592,000 total viewers on average.

The report showed total viewers for each network as CNN: 509,000, Fox News: 1.93 million, and MSNBC: 763,000.
In the twenty-five to fifty-four age demographic, ratings showed CNN: 106,000, Fox News: 287,000 and MSNBC: 85,000.

In the critical 25-54 age category, Fox News host Tucker Carlson of Tucker Carlson Tonight had the second-highest rated program in terms of overall viewers and dominated all television news Monday night.

Reporting showed Carlson attracted 508,000 demo viewers, vastly outnumbering The Five’s 374,000. The Five had the most viewers with 3.306 million, beating out Carlson’s 3.16 million.

Tucker Carlson Tonight was so popular with younger viewers that he more than quadrupled CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who only had 162,000 demo viewers in the same time period. At 8 p.m., MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ranked third in the demo with 128,000 viewers, according to the show ranking website.

CNN failed to reach 1 million total viewers for any of its prime time programming on a night of critical primary contests and special election coverage.

Between 4 and 11 p.m., Fox News and MSNBC drew well over 1 million viewers for each show. On Tuesday, Fox’s total programming surpassed one million viewers.
With 1.34 million total viewers, MSNBC’s election night coverage at 9 p.m. was its highest-rated hour. During Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8 p.m., Fox News reached its pinnacle. According to the rating ranking website, CNN’s election coverage at 9 p.m. was the most popular hour, with 819,000 total viewers.
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight dominates prime time. As Ed Sullivan used to say, “It’s a really big show!”