Fox News Owner Had A Secret Phone Call With Zelensky

One of the greatest ongoing mysteries is why Fox owner Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson, his most profitable on-air personality.

A recent report of a phone call between Rupert Murdoch and the president of Ukraine could explain Tucker Carlson’s unexpected departure from Fox News.

Rumors are that his criticism of the support the United States offers for Ukraine may have played a factor in his removal. Although its connection to Carlson’s firing is not immediately apparent, the revelation that Rupert Murdoch spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky adds an air of mystery to the issue.

The recent firing of Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ most vocal opponent of American support for Ukraine, sent shockwaves through the media industry. It is unclear why he was sacked, with theories ranging from having too much toxic masculinity in the workplace to contributing to the devastating loss in the Dominion slander settlement case. 

Another theory even had Murdoch firing him for being too religious, like his ex-fiance and Tucker Carlson’s friend, Ann Lesley Smith.

In March, just weeks before Tucker Carlson was fired, media mogul Rupert Murdoch reportedly communicated with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Although the details are sketchy, it is possible that Carlson was brought up during their conversation. 

It is unclear, however, whether or not the call played a role in Carlson’s dismissal. 

Zelensky also recently spoke with Murdoch’s son and eventual successor, Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch.

Although possible, it is not widely believed that Zelensky brought up the subject of Carlson’s coverage during his talks with the Murdochs, even though high-ranking officials in the Ukrainian government had earlier voiced their displeasure with it. The conversations between Zelensky and the Murdochs followed Carlson’s coverage of the Maidan Revolution. 

Instead, it was reported that the war and the first anniversary of the murders of Fox News journalists dominated their talk.

It’s a shaky theory, at best, like all others.

Only time will tell why Fox axed its most popular star without warning.