Fox News Host Slams Liberals For Creating Alternative Reality

( What is the purpose of the news?

While ostensibly news channels exist to inform the public, it has become increasingly obvious that more and more news outlets prioritize exploiting the emotions of their viewers over actual news reporting.

Nothing made this clearer than the news media’s role in stoking panic and fear during the COVID pandemic. “News” coverage was reduced to panic porn – with the daily death-tracker graphics that remained on screen 24/7 to the breathless, hysterical “reporting” any time someone was spotted walking around without a mask.

In fact, this emotionally-driven programming became standard operating procedure throughout Donald Trump’s presidency.

In a 2018 column at Front Page Magazine, writer Daniel Greenfield referred to the histrionic, pearl-clutching style of on Trump’s presidency as “The ‘Abnormalization’ of Trump.”

Greenfield’s argument was the news media’s role in covering Trump was to pretend to be shocked and horrified over everything he said or did – even feigning outrage over how many scoops of ice cream he was served.

The objective was not to report on Trump; the objective was to stoke anger and outrage over everything about Trump. Nothing could be normalized if it came from Trump – even if he did something previous presidents had done, it was always covered like a 5-alarm fire.

Keeping the fear and outrage at Spinal Tap 11 was the media’s job all through the Trump presidency. With COVID, they kicked it up even higher.

In a hilarious segment on Fox’s Late Night “Gutfeld!” host Greg Gutfield and his guests discussed this emotion-driven media reporting, the purpose of which is to distort reality and play on people’s emotions.

The Pew study Gutfeld mentions came out in March of 2021. The study examined white liberals, moderates, and conservatives, both male and female. Overall, it found that conservatives were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as either liberal or “very liberal.”

One can’t help but wonder if Gutfeld is onto something. Conservatives are far less likely to watch emotion-driven news channels than Liberal and “very liberal” people are. Could this daily dose of drama have caused the mental health issues?

After the 2020 election, it was not uncommon to find blue-check Twitter Liberals tweeting their relief that, with a Biden win, they would no longer live their lives in terror and fear. But it wasn’t Trump who ginned up that terror and fear; that credit belongs to the corporate news media.