Fox News Host Left Furious After Juan Williams’ Insane Claims

( Greg Gutfeld clashed with Fox News co-host Juan Williams on Tuesday during an episode of “The Five,” slamming the Democrat-supporting TV host over his claim that President Joe Biden is doing a good job handling the situation at the southern border.

You mean…handling the situation that he created?

Gutfeld couldn’t believe his ears when Williams made the bizarre, senseless claim, and was joined by co-host Jesse Waters in criticizing him for making blatantly political claims.

According to Williams’ logic, the number of border crossings has recently started decreasing, along with the number of illegal alien children crossing the border unaccompanied. In his books, that means that President Biden is doing a good job that that Republicans are trying to mislead people.

“What we need is Congress. What we need is Congress to organize a legal immigration system, a better border security system. Make a deal with Republicans and Democrats. Let’s come together and stop the selfies and the…” Williams said, referencing photographs taken by shocked Republicans who have visited the border and seen the crisis for themselves.

Which is more than what VP Kamala Harris has done…and she’s meant to be in charge of the whole thing!

Gutfeld quickly interrupted, stating, “You keep saying stop the selfies, but it’s the Democrats who pioneered the selfies.”


” You remember AOC? You keep saying stop the selfies. You need new talking points?” Gutfeld asked. “Number one, I’m glad that you agree that videos out of context are wrong, finally. Number two, the number of migrant children, the number of migrant children have doubled in the last two months.”

That’s when Williams said that the number of children had gone down, as if that means Biden is doing a good job.

What about when the numbers went up immediately after Biden was elected?

Check out the video here.

Can he get any more delusional?