Fox News Guest Says Biden Officials Starting To Realize “They Can’t Survive This”

( The Biden administration is struggling to maintain any level of confidence from the American public, and that is becoming increasingly clear.

On Tuesday, Fox News contributor and former director of ICE, Tom Homan, reacted to a new report from Politico about how President Biden is so aware of how disastrously his handling of the country is going that he is now considering re-implementing some Trump-era immigration policies. Specifically, Politico revealed how Biden is considering bringing back Trump-era policies on the border – an idea that has been dubbed as “Remain In Mexico Lite.”

Under the proposal, a small number of asylum seekers will be made to wait in Mexico while their cases are processed, but those waiting will be given improved living conditions and access to free attorneys.

Yes. American taxpayer funds will be used to pay for lawyers to represent people trying to enter the country, and while they await processing, they will also be given free accommodation and food.

Homan revealed during the interview that this month there will be more than 200,000 people apprehended at the border once again, but that border officials haven’t officially announced the number yet. He indicated that the Biden administration is looking for a way to spin the numbers, but that the White House is also acutely aware that they cannot carry on taking a “beating” like this every single month.

He also suggested that there are many Democrats who know that this issue is likely going to hurt them in the midterm elections.

No kidding.

The Biden administration is reportedly starting talks with Mexico on the new plan – but don’t go expecting Biden or Harris to admit that they were wrong and President Donald Trump was right.

You can watch the interview here.