Fox News Arsonist Gets Let Out On Bail

( You probably saw over the last few days the story of the New York City Christmas tree that went up in flames outside of the Fox News and News Corp. building.

Craig Tamanaha, the man suspected to have started the blaze on the festive tree, was seen leaving a criminal courthouse in Manhattan on Monday night.

Speaking to reporters outside of the building he insisted that he didn’t do it.

The fire started early on Wednesday morning, with huge flames licking the air and putting passersby in danger. Had the fire spread to nearby trees and posts it may have then also spread to other buildings around Sixth Avenue and West 48th Street, but it was thankfully put out before that could happen.

No injuries were reported, either.

Police investigators said that the 50-foot tree – which was artificial – appeared to have been set alight using a piece of cardboard that was set on fire. The damage caused was serious, too, with the New York Post reporting that the cost reached some $500,000.

That’s an expensive tree.

Tamanaha faces criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment charges – all of which were considered misdemeanor crimes and didn’t require any bail payment.

While Tamanaha claims he is innocent, his lifestyle suggests that he may not be telling the full truth. Homeless and with a long criminal record, and the man is expected to return to court on January 4.