Fox Interview Interrupted With Chants Of “F-Joe Biden”

( President Joe Biden can’t really claim to be the most popular presidential candidate in history anymore. He might genuinely believe that he won the most votes of any candidate and that they were all legitimate and legal votes, but opinion polls continue to prove that the American people have no faith in him.

And it’s not just opinion polls. It’s the chants, too.

Most of the ALCS postgame show was muted on Monday night as a result of angry Red Sox fans expressing their dislike of the president and his failed political agenda so far. Fox even kept the studio crew away from Fenway Park on Tuesday night to avoid the chants.

But, they simply couldn’t stop the chants. Fox tried to block out as much as they could, but the broadcast very clearly heard the words “F*CK JOE BIDEN!” throughout.

At one point during Fox’s broadcast, viewers were able to hear four consecutive anti-President Biden chants from the audience, without the mute button being pressed once.

The “F*CK JOE BIDEN!” chant was popularized by college students, who invented the chant during college football games earlier this summer. Since then, the chant has morphed into the meme “Let’s go, Brandon!” and the original “F*ck Joe Biden!” chant is now being replicated at major sports games.

It’s incredible, too, given that Joe Biden technically did better than former President Donald Trump when it comes to Massachusetts votes, taking home 65% of support in the state, and 90% of votes in Suffolk County, where Boston is located.

The American people really don’t like Joe Biden.