Fox Announces Important Donation On 9/11

( Fox Corporation just announced that an incredible $1 million will be donated to Tunnel to Towers, a non-profit group that helps first responders, veterans, and others who were impacted by the tragic 0/11 terror attacks.

Following an interview with Frank Siller, the founder of the group, Fox News anchor Jesse Waters announced that the huge donation would be given to the group on behalf of Chief Executive officer Lachlan Murdoch.

Siller had appeared on the show talking about how he was inspired to start the organization in memory of his younger brother, Stephen Siller, who was a firefighter who died while responding to 9/11.

He told Fox that Stephen was the youngest of seven children and had just finished his night tour in Squad 1 in Brooklyn when he was headed to play golf with his brothers. Upon hearing of the attack, he drove back to work, got his gear from Squad 1, and headed to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

He said that his brother “ran through that tunnel” and “came out the other side and gave up his life.”

Asked about how he felt about the huge donation, Siller described his brother’s childhood and described how they grew up without their parents, who died when his brother was young.

“My brother was orphaned at age 10,” he said.

On the donation, he said he is “thinking of his face” and his smile.

The donation will be used to help pay off mortgages for surviving spouses who were widowed by 9/11, to build homes, and to help the young children of people who have been killed in the line of duty.

Now it’s time for CNN to cough up.