Former Vatican Official Sounds Warning On Globalist Migration Agenda

Globalists are using mass migration as a weapon to undermine national identities, according to Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former doctrinal czar of the Vatican. Müller made this warning in early December.

According to Müller, mass immigration is detrimental since it dilutes national identities rather than assisting individuals. They accuse nationalism—which they claim is all about national identity—for starting wars, so they claim to be against nationalism—but in reality, they’re against the country itself.

Müller said they want everyone to be fully separated from language, culture, family, and a home country. They want to wreck it. They seek to atomize everyone without ethnic or religious identity.

Italy’s Ministry of the Interior reported 153,071 record-high immigrants entering Italian territory as of December 7th.

63,062 migrants arrived on December 7, 2021, a 58 percent rise over 2022 (96,878) and a 143% increase from 2021.

Europe attracted 268,975 immigrants in 2023, with 57% going to Italy.

Cardinal Müller claims that individuals who want to undermine Western countries deliberately push big migratory surges.

Professional disrupters include extremist leftist billionaire George Soros, who is frequently accused of purposely diluting European ethnic traditions via mass immigration.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attacked the Soros-funded Open Society network’s pro-immigration aim to destroy European traditions and Christianity.

Reports show that Orbán said he had to combat Brussels’ attempts to enact European policies that threatened Hungary’s sovereignty. He was pressured to yield on migration, he added.

Orbán stated that many European intellectuals and politicians seek to build an amalgamated society that will alter the continent’s cultural, ethnic, and Christian character in a few generations.

Cardinal Müller regretted in a recent interview that the Catholic Church has promoted globalism despite its anti-Christianity. He stated the church was being run down. Globalists succeed when the Church follows them.

He declared the Church of Christ is the world’s sacrament of redemption and the vanguard against negativists and nihilists’ self-destruction.