Foreign Operatives Are Scanning Critical U.S. Infrastructure

( According to an FBI dispatch dated March 18, Russia is contemplating cyberattacks aimed primarily at the energy industry.

After the Biden regime took over, the FBI says they began seeing Russian IP addresses scanning the most crucial sectors of our infrastructure, and it’s ramped up since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. U.S. energy companies should take defensive measures, urged the FBI because scanning can be a prelude to a hack.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the bureau cooperates with vulnerable public sectors to prevent cyber attacks.

Wray emphasized that it’s not just Russia we have to worry about, but also Iran, China, and North Korea. Criminals seeking money and territorial enemies are the usual suspects, and often they work in tandem.

China has hacked us and stolen crucial intellectual property, which affects our national security. If they took control of our power grid, it would be catastrophic. Ransomware cyberattacks can hold major corporations hostage and threaten to shut down our economy or energy sector. The hack of the Colonial Pipeline in May 2021 is just one example. The company was blackmailed into paying off $4.4 million in bitcoin to the blackmailers. The Eastern European hacker group DarkSide carried out the ransomware assault.

People across the Southeast panicked as gas stations from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., ran out of petrol. A state of emergency had to be declared by the president.

But Wray assures us that the agency and the white house have our vulnerabilities under control. Still, it’s hard to take them seriously when bad actors can quickly attack through our porous southern border. The FBI seems to be unfazed by that glaring chink in the armor.

The Biden administration claims it can secure our critical digital infrastructure from foreign cyber-criminals, but a more obvious infringement on our safety is happening in plain sight. Every day, unvetted people sneak across our border without us fully knowing their intent. We are assured they are all arriving to share in the dream, but this is a nightmare for many looking to our government to protect us.

One cannot sleep so soundly when the Biden administration focuses much of its energy on tackling the national security issue threat of climate change and making sure our military is properly woke.