Footage Of Hamas Attacks Screened In U.S. Cities

Audiences in Los Angeles and New York were offered a private screening of a 43-minute film featuring some of the graphic videos assembled by the IDF from footage filmed by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 attacks in Israel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film “Bearing Witness” was screened at the Museum of Tolerance in West Los Angeles on Wednesday evening under heavy guard both inside and outside the venue.

The museum received multiple threats after the location of the screening was leaked by the media, prompting the deployment of an FBI advanced team.

A few dozen pro-Israel and pro-Hamas protesters turned up outside. Video footage posted on social media showed some violent clashes between protesters after the screening had ended and most attendees had already left.

Melissa Auckerman, the organizer of the event, told the audience that she was compelled to do something after the deadly October 7 attacks.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan said he flew to LA to attend the screening because seeing the footage from October 7 “is of the utmost importance.” He told the audience that seeing the video footage would “change the way you view the Middle East” and “the war in Gaza.”

Erdan compared Hamas to ISIS and the Nazis, saying the terror group also views Jewish people as “insects to be exterminated.” He said Israel’s war in Gaza is to ensure “that such atrocities never happen again.”

Erdan closed his remarks by saying that the only way to prevent another October 7 is to eradicate Hamas, warning that if Israel does not “eradicate this evil,” the West will be next.

Amnon Sheffler, the spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, also spoke at Wednesday’s screening. He warned that the audience would see “uncensored footage” from the October 7 massacre that was recovered from body cameras worn by the terrorists, as well as footage from cell phones, CCTV, and dash cams.

Sheffler pointed out that by filming their butchery, the terrorists “wanted the world to know what they were doing” because they were proud of it.