Florida Governor Requests Cruises To Start Sailing Again

(FiveNation.com)- Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is suing the Centers for Disease Control for stopping the cruise business from restarting in his state, proving once again that he is one of the most pro-business governors in America.

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis revealed the contents of a lawsuit against the CDC and the federal government for hurting the cruise industry which has been forced to remain closed for two busy seasons in a row.

“Cruise ships were prevented from leaving ports with passengers by a no-sail order issued by the CDC more than a year ago. That order was replaced on Nov. 1 with a “conditional sail order” that allows ships to sail after the CDC reviews and approves of a cruise line’s safety plan,” Palm Beach Post reported this week.

During a briefing at Port Miami, DeSantis said that the “conditional sail order” wasn’t enough.

“Florida is fighting back,” he said. “That is not reasonable. This is not rational.”

While restaurants and bars are allowed to stay open, cruiseliners are forced to remain closed to the public, with Americans itching to get back out onto the ocean and enjoy their summer vacation.

DeSantis argued that there was “no end in sight” to the conditional sail order, because “whatever they do next the cruise lines aren’t even going to sail under some ridiculous order, with having to do all these other things.”

The governor also argued that the order was putting the cruise industry, Florida, and American ports at a competitive disadvantage.

“But guess what? People are still going to go on cruises but instead of flying into Miami, spending money to stay in our hotels and spending money to eat in our restaurants before getting on the ship, they are going to fly to the Bahamas and get on the ship in the Bahamas,” he said, in an impassioned defense of Florida’s tourism industry.

The CEO of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines said that he wasn’t sure how the lawsuit would work out, but said that he and other members of the industry appreciate the work being done by the governor.

“We really do appreciate the governor simply because it has brought the issue to the forefront and he is championing for the industry,” O’Neil Khosa said during the briefing. “Anything that helps us highlight our cause because shutting down a business and shutting down an industry is not a solution.”

On Twitter, DeSantis said that the lawsuit is “necessary to protect Floridians from the federal government’s overreach and resulting economic harm to our state.”