First Responders Attacked By Homeless Mob

( First responders are demanding the city of Seattle take action after they have been consistently attacked by the homeless population, according to Gateway Pundit. Seattle firefighters have experienced more than attacks since April, largely perpetrated by the homeless population.

Progressive policies have largely been the culprit, causing crime to skyrocket in the city. Earlier this year, Amazon moved its employees from the downtown area as a result of the rampant crime. Unfortunately, first responders have no where else to go as they are being attacked by the very people they are trying to help.

Seattle is reportedly a case study for the radical left’s Marxist agenda, as they have defunded the police, decriminalized drugs, emboldened BLM, and banning gas-powered vehicles by 2030. After the city has cut millions from the police budget, Seattle has seen a 95% increase in shots fired 171% increase in people being shot.

The rampant crime and attacks come at the heels of a shortage in the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) as it was understaffed by 69% in 2022. In a letter written late July, Kenny Stuart, president of IAAF Local 27, expressed his concerns.

“Last Monday, July 18th, a Seattle Fire Fighter working on SFD Engine 10 responding to an [homeless] encampment fire at 10 Avenue S. and Dearborn St. was hit by a large rock thrown by an assailant while extinguishing the fire. This fire fighter will recover from this injury, but it is one more unsettling near-miss in [an] all too dangerous environment.”

In another incident, Stuart says a patient being helped by SFD during an aid response pulled a knife on them and said he was going to kill them before chasing them with the knife.

“Unfortunately, this attacker is now back on the streets around Pioneer Square and has already approached members of this crew and other Seattle Fire Fighters working in the area,” he said.