Firefighter In Trouble After Buying Gun Over State Lines

( A New York City fireman was arrested after allegedly purchasing a rifle, ammunition, and “ghost gun” parts at a Philadelphia gun show earlier this month.

Veteran firefighter, Aaron B. Martin, 49, who works for the FDNY’s elite Rescue 4 in Queens, was arrested on multiple charges, including felony possession of an assault weapon as part of multi-agency firearms trafficking investigation by the Queens District Attorney’s office and the New York State Police to stem the flow of illegal guns into New York City.

According to the Queen’s DA’s office, on February 13, a surveillance team tracked Martin to the “Oaks Extravaganza” gun show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center where he paid cash for two “Polymer80 firearm receivers” from one vendor and two magazines containing more than 10 rounds from another vendor. New York’s SAFE law prohibits the sale of magazines that hold over ten rounds.

The Polymer80 firearm receivers are part of a kit that can be used to assemble what is known as “ghost guns.” Because they are unassembled when purchased, “ghost guns” do not have serial numbers that can be traced.

Martin then purchased a Spahi semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun and carrying case from a third vendor.

The team surveilling Martin then followed as he drove from Oaks, Pennsylvania to New York State via Interstate 95. He was pulled over in Howard Beach on the Belt Parkway and arrested.

Martin, who also serves as a chief on the Roosevelt Long Island volunteer fire department, admitted to police that he attended the gun show and purchased the shotgun, but he denied possession of any other firearms or gun components. However, police seized the weapons and parts from Martin’s car, along with a set of brass knuckles.

According to the charging document, Martin does not have a firearm license or license to deal in firearms or ammunition.

After his arrest, the FDNY said Martin had been suspended without pay for 28 days.