Felon Begs Court To Reinstate ‘Soft’ Attorney DeSantis Fired

According to reports, a convicted felon in Florida filed a request to prevent Governor Ron DeSantis from firing the state attorney managing his case because the governor believes the attorney is too lenient in his prosecution of criminal activity.

Melizaire Dorsica, the convicted criminal, petitioned the Florida court for the Ninth Judicial Circuit to overturn DeSantis’ executive order dismissing State Attorney Monique Worrell. Worrell was replaced by Florida Judge Andrew Bain after DeSantis, who had accused her of dereliction of her office and weakness, removed her from office last week.

Dorsica claims in his lawsuit that the presidential order was illegal and asks that Bain and Worrell be brought back on to handle the prosecution of his case.

In 2022, Dorsica committed his first crime when he pled guilty to having amphetamine-like dimethylpentylone in his possession. According to DeSantis, he is the kind of defendant handed significantly reduced terms by Worrell since he currently faces another felony charge: carrying a hidden weapon as a convicted felon.

A report shows that after a downtown shooting, SWAT police opened fire and killed Daton Viel, who was jailed in March for sexual battery. He had been out on bail at the time of the incident.

Shortly after two policemen were shot during a traffic check in downtown Orlando, Florida, state attorney Monique Worrell was removed from her position.

The Florida governor said that the killing of two Orlando law enforcement officers was one of the reasons for Worrell’s dismissal.

After Worrell’s suspension, Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith issued a statement.

He said that as Chief of Police, he had been working hard to decrease the number of violent crimes in the neighborhood. Smith said he looked forward to working with the new State Attorney, Andrew Bain.

Worrell’s candidacy had been endorsed by Vermont Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders, whose website has a biography of Worrell.

The blurb says that criminal justice reform is a top priority for Monique Worrell, seeking office as Orange-Osceola State Attorney in Florida. She has taught and pushed for various progressive-thinking criminal justice theories throughout her career. She recently served as Reform Alliance’s Chief Legal Officer.