Feds Reportedly Preparing To Leak People’s Tax Information

(FiveNation.com)- Federal officials are reportedly looking into the personal tax information of wealthy American citizens, following reports that a number of millionaires and billionaires paid zero federal income tax for several years.

The news comes from the Inland Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rettig who said on Tuesday that officials are looking into a ProPublica report, which cited sensitive information from a protected and anonymous source. The report showed how many rich people in the United States weren’t paying federal income taxes, and several left-wing media outlets ran with the story without providing important context about why that might be the case, and without much concern for the fact that the information should never have been made public in the first place.

An investigation into the allegations that the anonymous source made in the article are currently ongoing within the Internal Revenue Service. The review will allow the IRS to determine whether the information released in the report is correct, and may help the federal agency discover how the information was leaked.

In a statement, the Treasury Department also confirmed that the unauthorized disclosure of this kind of information is illegal and that it is being referred to the Office of the Inspector General, the FBI, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.

No matter how much the Biden administration might hate wealthy, successful job creators, there’s no excusing releasing personal tax information.

Unless it’s President Trump, of course. Then it’s fair game.

In a hearing on Tuesday, Rettig told members of congress that any members of staff who are found to have accessed and released the information – which included the tax payments made by Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, among others – will be fired and will be punished with criminal penalties.

Democrat Senator Ed Markey cited the illegally-obtained information and complained that Bezos will “probably be on the moon” before he pays any federal taxes.

The ProPublica report was also shared widely on social media.

Let’s see if a single Democrat acknowledges the millions of jobs created collectively by the wealthy CEOs listed in the report…