Federal appeals court upholds Texas law

(FiveNation.com)- The 5th United States Circuit Court of Appeals made the historic decision on Wednesday to rule in favor of a Texas law that limits dismemberment abortion procedures in the second trimester. It protects the rights of unborn children and makes it harder for abortion clinics to murder children in perhaps the most brutal way possible during the second trimester of pregnancy – but the decision is likely to anger liberals and is expected to now go to the supreme court.

The 2017 law still hasn’t been enforced, owing to a number of legal challenges, and stops a live fetus from being aborted in the late stages through dismemberment, unless a suction procedure is first used or a drug is injected to ensure that the fetus is dead.

A three-judge panel in the 5th Circuit Court last year struck down the law, but after a rehearing was obtained by the state of Texas, all 14 appellate judges of the court came together and ruled in favor of the law.

There is, of course no constitutional reason why it is illegal to implement sensible safeguards to make abortion – however abominable it is overall – slightlysafert and more compassionate. The judges ruled that banning the procedure, which is known in the medical field as “dilation and evacuation,” wasn’t a restriction on women obtaining an abortion – a claim that was described by judges as a “false dichotomy.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom, which supported the move and filed an amicus brief supporting the law, celebrated the decision and asserted that Texas has the “right to respect the life of unborn children.”

Counsel Elissa Graves said that the 5th Circuit Court’s decision was made on “solid ground,” and said they were right to find that the original 5th Circuit Court decision was wrong as the judges “committed numerous, reversible legal and factual errors.”

It’s a good step for now, but the law may still not go into effect until the Supreme Court has stepped in. Let’s see…