Federal Agency Had Giant Meltdown After Trump’s Win, Records Show  

(FiveNation.com)- The General Services Administration (GSA) had a complete meltdown after Donald Trump won the general election and defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, The Daily Wire reports. After obtaining internal messages via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the outlet showed how the bureaucratic agency was more concerned with pushing the Democratic agenda and social justice programs rather than providing support for other federal agencies per their job description.  

During a “town hall” a day after the election, David Shive, chief information officer of the agency, addressed the Technology Transformation Service (TTS). He allegedly joked about Republicans wearing suits, and talked about his concern for “white men,” and what needed to be done to protect them from Trump, according to a Slack message from one of the employees. The employee added that he was not Republican but was offended at the conspicuous partisanship of Shive’s speech.  

But while the reactions from some employees demonstrated that they were concerned about the tone of the meeting, others showed how prevalent the bias was in the agency, with IT workers expressing that they feared for their safety now that Trump was elected. Many of the workers who attempted to be proactive in combatting Trump and staying “safe” observably listed their pronouns next to their names.  

Yoz Grahame “(he/him)” wrote that those who feel safer than others should be taking the initiative to ensure that “diversity” standards are upheld, improved upon, and suggested they “spread them throughout the government.”  

Another worker brought up his attempt to try and block the Trump Organization from purchasing a hotel. And yet another mentioned the “emotional work” that will be required in the coming weeks.  

The inspector general of the GSA reportedly found that the TTS encouraged other agencies to violate security measures on the grounds that such practices were “racist.”