FCC Commissioner Reveals Agency Targeted Elon Musk

According to FCC Commissioner Carr, the revocation of $900 million awarded to Elon Musk’s SpaceX was politically driven.

Carr said in a statement that he opposed the judgment of the FCC’s denial of a $885 million contract to SpaceX’s Starlink. Multiple investigations have been initiated against Musk and his enterprises by the Biden government since October 2022, when he bought Twitter, a social media network, among other instances of the Biden administration’s persecution of Musk. It would have supplied lightning-fast broadband internet connectivity to more than 640,000 households and companies in remote regions.

Carr asserted that the ruling is consistent with the practice of regulatory harassment by the Biden administration. No objective application of facts, the law, or policy can explain the Commission’s decision to revoke a $885 million award to Elon Musk’s Starlink in 2020. Starlink had agreed to supply high-speed Internet service to rural residential and commercial properties across 35 states to secure the award.

A report shows that soon after Musk bought X, Biden said Musk’s ties to foreign governments needed to be looked into. According to Carr, federal agencies were given the go-ahead to investigate Biden after he made this comment.

According to the FCC, Starlink was denied funding from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) project. The reason given was that Starlink could not demonstrate the necessary capabilities to deliver services to the hundreds of thousands of households in 35 states. Carr said that the commission had not found any other bidders to Starlink that could fulfill the criteria.

Posting on X, Musk claimed that it didn’t make any sense. He addressed the issue, and the only company tackling the problem of rural internet on a large scale is Starlink.
Starlink’s August 2022 FCC denial was due to its failure to satisfy program conditions. Starlink requested that the commission revisit the judgment, but Carr said that the FCC confirmed it using criteria never used before.

The 3 Democrat commissioners voted unanimously to revoke the award, with Carr and fellow Republican Nathan Simington voting against it.
SpaceX Vice President of Legal Christopher Cardaci wrote to the FCC that Starlink is the only viable option to immediately connect many Americans living and working in rural and remote areas.