FBI Says Capitol Hill Riot Can NOT Be Linked Back To Any Person, Despite Claims

(FiveNation)- Despite claims from the Democrats that President Donald Trump and a series of high-profile supporters whipped up violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C., the FBI just confirmed they could not find a specific suspect behind a threat of “war” at the United States Capitol that was made a day before the violent unrest ruined a peaceful pro-Trump protest.

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported how the FBI had tipped off law enforcement about a threat that was made to incite violence at the Capitol Building, but that swift action was not taken to prevent the expected violence. According to the Post, a Norfolk, Virginia FBI office shared an “explicit internal warning” that extremists were planning to commit violence and “war” in Washington, D.C.

As Democrats vote to impeach President Donald Trump yet again, the FBI’s Washington Field Office chief Steven D’Antuono said that the threats made were vague and cannot be tied to any group or specific person.

The evidence shows that neither the president nor his high-profile supporters encouraged the violence, either. President Donald Trump repeatedly called for peaceful protest in Washington, D.C., and even published a series of messages and videos on Twitter during the unrest telling supporters to support law enforcement and stop the violence.

With regard to the threat of “war,” D’Antuono said that the post was “read on a message board” and “was not attributable to an individual person.”

“We deal with specifics and facts,” he added.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump once again proved his solid opposition to political violence, approving a state of emergency in the United States capital to ensure the January 20 inauguration takes place.

Isn’t it interesting that a man who allegedly won a national election needs protection from the military…

President Donald Trump’s approval of a state of emergency ensures that the National Guard will remain in the streets and provide assistance through to January 24 to ensure any protest remains peaceful.

It also allows for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to “identify, mobilise, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.”