FBI Reveals Name In Child Trafficking Ring

(FiveNation.com)- The FBI is doing something important for once, apparently taking on a child trafficking ring and calling for people to provide information to help solve a case.

On February 22, the FBI revealed that a 37-year-old man from Cypress, California, is now in custody and awaiting trial on charges of child sexual exploitation. He is also charged with coercion and enticement of a child, as well as the possession of child pornography.

Patrick Tran was also charged with the production and possession of child pornography after a federal grand jury returned a six-count superseding indictment against him. He is accused of using “catfishing” young children, which means using a fake account and persona online, to entice children into creating nude images and videos of themselves and sending the material to him.

Most of the victims were underage girls, who would perform sexual acts on camera from him after being coerced or bullied into it. His shocking actions go back as far as ten years.

The FBI is now looking for help identifying many of the underage victims, revealing that Tran would go by the name “Reggie Smith” and sometimes used a Snapchat account that had the username “Travis_story20.”

He would also reportedly use Omegle, a video communication service that connects random strangers with one another, to entice young girls into performing sexual acts on camera.

If you believe that someone you know has been victimized in this way, the FBI encourages you to fill out a secure questionnaire by clicking here.

The more people share this link, information, and story, the more likely it is that victims can come forward and get justice.