FBI Releases Photos Of Bank Robbery Suspects

(FiveNation.com)- The FBI responded to a bank robbery in Chicago last Tuesday where three suspects brandishing guns demanded money.

The three suspects, including one dressed as a security guard, entered the Chase Bank on Chicago’s Near-Westside, pushed their way into the back vault as an employee was opening it, and got away with about $100,000.

According to the FBI, the suspect dressed as a security guard robbed the bank while two accomplices helped.

The three suspects are described as black men.

One suspect is described as having a medium to large build, between 5’5” and 5’6”. He was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with a Nike logo on the front, as well as a dark-color mask, dark pants, blue and white Jordan sneakers, and carrying a blue backpack.

The second suspect is about 5’10” and wore a dark hooded sweatshirt, bright orange mask, yellow reflective vest, dark-colored gloves, pants, and boots.

The third suspect who dressed like a security guard is between 5’10” and 6’. He wore a dark-colored hat with white letters, a dark mask, a dark-colored shirt with patches on both sleeves, white gloves, a dark belt, pants, and dark work boots.

On Friday, the FBI released photos of the suspects captured by the bank’s surveillance cameras.

See their pictures HERE.

Nobody was injured during the robbery, but the FBI considers the suspects armed and dangerous.