FBI Refused To Take Hunter Biden Hard Drives Containing Inappropriate Child Photos

(FiveNation.com)- Back in April, federal agents raided former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and office at six in the morning. The agents executed a search warrant and seized electronic devices from both locations as part of an investigation into Giuliani’s dealings with Ukraine.

Giuliani is being investigated over whether he illegally lobbied former President Trump on behalf of Ukraine officials and oligarchs. The Ukrainian officials were also allegedly assisting Giuliani’s efforts to uncover Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings within Ukraine.

Agents seized Giuliani’s cell phones and other devices from his home. Among the items seized from his office was his assistant’s computer.

What the agents didn’t seize were the hard drives that contained the data from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The day after the warrant was executed, Giuliani appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show where he revealed that, even after pointing out the Biden hard drives to the agents, they still refused to take them into custody. This, despite the fact that the warrant was for all electronic devices in Giuliani’s possession.

Earlier this week, Mayor Giuliani was on Mike Huckabee’s program where he pointed out that the only incriminating devices in his house were the hard drives containing Hunter Biden’s laptop. Yet, the FBI refused to take them.

What makes those hard drives especially incriminating, Giuliani explained, was they contain child pornography.

The presence of child pornography on Hunter’s laptop is not breaking news. Giuliani told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly back in October 2020 that Biden’s laptop contained pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages between Hunter and an underage girl.

When this was discovered, Giuliani turned over copies of the hard drive to Delaware State Police.

In October 2020, the FBI confirmed that they have Hunter Biden’s laptop in their possession. In fact, one of the FBI agents who signed the subpoena to take control of the hard drive last year was Special Agent Joshua Wilson, who investigates crimes against children.

It is possible that the reason the agents who raided Giuliani’s home and office did not take the Biden hard drives is because they already have them. However, as Giuliani pointed out, the warrant called for the seizure of all electronic devices, and yet the agents simply took Giuliani at his word that those hard drives were data from Hunter’s laptop.

That seems rather shoddy work.