FBI Records Show Matt Gaetz Wasn’t Happy Amid Scandal

(FiveNation.com)- Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was yelling at FBI investigators in his family home fifteen minutes before appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on March 30, 2021.

This FBI visit happened mere hours after a bombshell allegation stating that he was under investigation for the alleged sex trafficking of a minor.

“Do you have a search warrant?” Gaetz screamed.

However, as hostile as Gaetz was at the time, the agents were not after him. They were there to assist him and his father, who had been collaborating with the FBI for many days in a sting operation that Gaetz said would clear his reputation.

This and other scenes are described in previously unreleased documents that shed new light on the Gaetz saga.

The records, which were obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast from federal prosecutors, support elements of Gaetz’s account of international intrigue and attempted fraud, which he told Carlson minutes after the agents left his house. However, the data refute key allegations in Gaetz’s account of events, raising additional concerns about the congressman’s participation in the sting and when and why he began cooperating with the government.

One document offers a crucial but previously unknown element regarding the beginnings of the current federal sex trafficking investigation into Gaetz- when it began.

When Gaetz initially told Carlson the tale, it was a confusing series of events for an unprepared audience still reeling from the revelation of the sex trafficking investigation.

According to Gaetz, two guys approached his father, Don Gaetz, a wealthy former president of the Florida Senate and current political power broker, with an odd offer- if Don Gaetz gave them $25 million, they could end the inquiry into his son’s alleged sex offenses.

Perhaps equally stranger was the apparent reason for the $25 million payment. The guys stated that they intended to use the funds to free Bob Levinson, an American captive in Iran who had been missing for years.

“That worried our family so much that we went to the local FBI,” Gaetz told Carlson.

However, FBI data contradict that timeline.

Gaetz also twisted the tale in various ways, claiming without evidence that the whole thing was a “deep state” scheme against him. He said that the claims in the Times piece were based on the same scheme that he had been working on. That reasoning, however, was flawed.

According to the records, the Gaetz investigation had been ongoing for some months. The FBI investigation into the Levinson conspiracy had only been underway for a few days.

Carlson described the Fox News broadcast as “one of the strangest interviews I’ve ever undertaken” after it ended. Gaetz was eventually vindicated when one of the guys at the core of the hostage conspiracy, convicted felon Stephen M. Alford, pleaded to wire fraud in connection with the plot last November.

Nonetheless, the documents contradict Gaetz’s timeline more than they corroborate it.

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