FBI Raids Project Veritas Reporters’ Homes Over Ashley Biden’s Diary

(FiveNation.com)- The New York Times reported on Thursday that the FBI raided the homes of two Project Veritas journalists as part of an investigation into the possible theft of a diary belonging to President Biden’s daughter Ashley. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confirmed the Times’ report in a video statement released on Friday. Then, on Saturday, the FBI raided his home as well.

So much for Freedom of the Press.

Last year, “tipsters” contacted Project Veritas claiming to have possession of Ashley Biden’s diary. According to O’Keefe, the tipsters claimed they found the diary when they stayed in a room previously occupied by Ashley Biden who inadvertently left it behind.

Ashley Biden, however, subsequently claimed that her diary was stolen.

O’Keefe explained that Project Veritas attempted to confirm the authenticity of the diary, but was unable to do so. With its authenticity in doubt, Project Veritas chose not to pursue the story. Instead, they attempted to return the diary to the source. Unable to do that, Project Veritas turned the diary over to law enforcement.

Meanwhile, about a week before the 2020 election, the National File blog, not bound by the same journalistic standards as Project Veritas, decided to publish some of the handwritten pages from the diary without confirming its authenticity. The National File claimed it received the contents from a whistleblower. As the site is not widely known, the release of the diary did not generate much attention even among conservative outlets.

In his video statement on Friday, O’Keefe confirmed that the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is investigating the claim the Ashley Biden’s diary was stolen. He also questioned how the New York Times was so quick to learn about the FBI raids.

Interestingly, the Justice Department’s investigating the theft of the diary is all the confirmation needed that the diary turned over to Project Veritas was Ashley Biden’s.


O’Keefe said the investigation begs the question of why would the Biden Justice Department and the FBI be investigating a petty crime like the theft of a diary.

That is one of the many questions Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley post this weekend. Writing at his website, Turley also asked why the FBI would conduct raids at the homes of journalists over a stolen diary the journalists did not report on. That isn’t a federal crime. Turley also expressed concern at the possible political motivations behind deploying federal prosecutors and law enforcement on the Press in clear violation of the First Amendment.

Watch James O’Keefe’s statement HERE.