FBI Planned To Celebrate Nomination Of Biden Supreme Court Pick

(FiveNation.com)- The Los Angeles field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was forced to quickly walk back a planned event celebrating President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson after supervisors concluded that the event violated the FBI’s commitment to nonpartisanship.

The Washington Free Beacon published internal emails from the Los Angeles field office’s Women’s and Black Affairs Committee that advised staff to “save the date” for a “nomination party” for Jackson scheduled for March 23.

After the initial “save the date” email was sent on March 11, an employee from the LA field office’s Diversity and Inclusion Department sent an email the following day canceling the “nomination party” and apologizing for “any misunderstanding surrounding the publicity for this event.”

Explaining that the FBI should remain politically neutral in the nomination and confirmation process, the email said that such a party for Ketanji Brown Jackson in an “FBI space would be inappropriate.”

In a statement responding to the Washington Free Beacon, an FBI spokeswoman said the Ketanji Brown Jackson “nomination party” was immediately addressed “and does not reflect the high standards of the FBI.”

In her statement, the spokeswoman said the email was sent “without proper review” and was “quickly retracted” by management.

Funny how things that don’t “reflect the high standards of the FBI” keep happening. It’s almost as if the FBI’s standards aren’t as “high” as the FBI claims.

Who can forget the Black Lives Matter riots in Washington DC in the summer of 2020 when FBI personnel went outside and kneeled before the “protestors.”

But that pales in comparison to the FBI’s clear display of partisanship during the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Even the DOJ Inspector General noted in his 2018 report that he didn’t have confidence that former FBI agent Peter Strzok acted “free from bias” in his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails or his investigation into Donald Trump.

At this point, nobody believes the FBI has “high standards” of nonpartisanship.