FBI Mystery Declared After Agents Search For Evidence

(FiveNation.com)- Federal authorities have not specified what they are looking for, despite saying that it is not human remains.

In the Concord River in Billerica, Massachusetts, the FBI is looking for underwater evidence, but they aren’t disclosing the case it relates to.

According to a press release from the FBI Boston Division, the New York-based Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team is looking for specific evidence.
The local police are not involved and are not conducting the search.

The FBI stated there was no threat to public safety and that they were not looking for human remains, even though the press release did not specify what was being investigated or what the evidence was.

On Monday, it was observed that the search teams were retrieving a yellow bag from the water that contained what appeared to be some sort of evidence. Additionally, there were pictures taken by investigators.

The entire neighborhood is very interested in what is occurring in their backyard.

A local resident, Diane Stanley, told local media that she loves true crime stories, so this mystery is fascinating to her.

On Monday morning, Stanley observed from her dock on River Street as workers began plunging into the Concord River.  Stanley explained that no one knows what they’re trying to find. Nothing has been disclosed to them, and she simply wants to know what they are searching for and whether we will discover it.

On their website, an FBI statement explained that the FBI’s Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team (USERT) from New York is assisting an FBI Boston investigation in Billerica, Massachusetts. USERT is looking for specific evidence in the Concord River in an ongoing investigation.

This necessitates the temporary closure of one lane on the River Street Bridge throughout the hours of the active search, starting at about 9 a.m., for the protection of the search team and the general public.

USERT expects to finish the operation as quickly as possible despite the potential traffic disruptions and appreciates the public’s patience.

To ease any worries from the public, USERT claimed it is not looking for human remains, and there is no associated danger to the public’s safety.

No additional information will be made public because FBI Boston’s investigation is still ongoing.

Maybe they have a lead on another Hunter Biden laptop or another Ashley Biden diary.
Whatever it is, it’s very concerning that a government agency can snoop around your town and not have to tell you about its operation.