FBI Is Helping Trump’s Numbers, New Data Shows

(FiveNation.com)- In a potential GOP primary race for the 2024 presidential nomination, former President Donald Trump’s battle with the FBI over its search of his Mar-a-Lago estate may have given him an extra boost in the polls.

A new poll released on Sunday revealed his hold on Republicans, and other polls revealed his numbers were rising against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose popularity had been growing in several crucial states.

Republican supporters were asked in a Sunday NBC News poll if they supported Trump or the GOP more, and the results showed that 41% said they did, with 50% saying they did so more than their party. This was an increase of 7 points from May when 34 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Republicans polled by NBC News said they identified more with Trump.

In a recent Saint Anselm College survey conducted in New Hampshire, an early primary state, Trump had a 50%-29% advantage against DeSantis. DeSantis and Trump were statistically tied in a June poll from the University of New Hampshire.

According to reports, while the former president’s texts and emails accuse the FBI of breaking into his home in connection with their use of a search warrant on his property, the FBI’s investigation also helped Trump’s fundraising efforts, with contributors becoming re-engaged.

However, before the search, Republicans concentrated more on attacking the left on issues like education, media bias, COVID regulations, and more, which suited DeSantis and his viewpoints better. Following the search, attention has again gone to Trump and his battles with the “Deep State.”

According to elite media, Republicans seeking victories in the upcoming midterm congressional elections are worried about the party’s renewed focus on Trump because they believe it signals a tilt away from pressing issues like current inflation.

Spare me. Trump had inflation and many other things under control while he was President. Trump is not going away. The uniparty just needs to deal with that.