FBI Engaged In Conspiracy To Entrap Man, Details Show

(FiveNation.com)- In a lengthy column in the New York Post last week, columnist James Bovard reviews the events that led up to the FBI’s so-called “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” and its failure to secure convictions of the four defendants entrapped by the feds.

Bovard offers the backstory for this FBI plot which he said was hatched in part to influence the outcome of the 2020 election in Michigan by laying the blame for the so-called “kidnapping plot” at the feet of President Trump – something Governor Whitmer and candidate Joe Biden quickly exploited after the so-called “kidnappers” were arrested.

The “suspects” were targeted because of their vehement opposition to Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID response. The men were very vocal in opposing Whitmer’s draconian COVID policies on the Facebook page “Wolverine Watchmen.”

This came to the attention of the FBI which then deployed paid informants to reach out to the men to see if they could entice them into violence.

But for the FBI’s paid informants, this “plot” never would have happened to the extent that it did.

Even after the informants let the FBI know that they were wasting their time because the “suspects” were just a bunch of pot-smoking bigmouths, the FBI pushed the informants to pursue the “plot.”

Bovard notes in his column that there was the same number of FBI-paid informants and undercover agents involved in this bogus plot as there were the so-called “plotters.”

The FBI’s conspiracy, Bovard explains, started to come apart before the trial began. The lead FBI agent, Robert Trask, was fired after getting arrested for assaulting his wife. Two other agents were sidelined for misconduct.

Ultimately, the trial hinged on the defense’s claims of entrapment. And even with the court limiting what evidence the defense could bring to make the case for entrapment, the jury refused to convict any of the four so-called “plotters.” Two were acquitted outright while the other two received a mistrial.

Read James Bovard’s exhaustive column HERE.