FBI Confirms Trump Was Right About Chinese Tech

(FiveNation.com)- Concerns over Chinese espionage in the United States has grown since the FBI confirmed that a Chinese telecommunications, Huawei, “placed equipment capable of disrupting military communications overseeing U.S. nuclear weapons,” according to Just the News.

Federal officials shut the project down after a year-long counterintelligence effort to investigate potential Chinese espionage in the United States. Officials found a pattern of the Chinese attempting to install these Huawei communications devices on towers near military bases in the rural Midwest.

The $100 million project was being constructed just two miles from Washington, D.C. when counterintelligence officials believed that this was a way for the Chinese to increase its spying capabilities.

The project to disrupt military communications that oversee U.S. nuclear weapons comes amid U.S. concern over China’s large-scale nuclear buildup. Admiral Charles Richard, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command told Congress that China’s military capabilities are constantly and consistently growing, so that briefs on the country are out of date in a month.

Lawmakers have signaled their support for removing Huawei off of U.S. networks as Beijing works to strengthen its military and effectively close the gap between the two countries.

“We’ve known for a long time that Huawei is a bad actor — but the Chinese Communist Party uses all of its technology companies to harm the United States,” said Senator Tom Cotton, “Why would you trust any of them?”

China, amongst other foreign countries, have been buying parcels of American land, according to the USDA. Reports show that in 2020 China, Russia, Iran and North Korea have made purchases for private landownership. Foreign investment in farmland has tripled in the past decade, according to the Midwest Center.

Last year, a Chinese billionaire had purchased land near the Texas border by Laughlin Air Force Base for wind farm production, meaning the project would be connected to the state’s electricity grid. The same concern of Chinese espionage were then echoed by Senator Ted Cruz who said that these foreign wind farms are putting our national security at risk.

“The Chinese Communist Party has demonstrated time and again they’re willing to invest billions of dollars to expand their espionage capabilities and their global reach, including through land purchase schemes near military bases,” he added.