FBI Agent Involved In Whitmer Kidnapping Case Arrested

(FiveNation.com)- The so-called “Kidnapping Plot” of Governor Gretchen Whitmer imploded this week after two explosive reports cast a great deal of doubt on the validity of the FBI’s investigation.

An investigative reporter for the Detroit News revealed on Monday that the FBI special agent credited with helping “thwart” this so-called plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor was charged on Sunday with assault “with intent to do great bodily harm” in a domestic incident with his wife.

FBI special agent Richard Trask of Kalamazoo was released on a $10,000 recognizance bond following arraignment. If found guilty, Trask faces up to ten years behind bars.

He gets out on bond while people who trespassed in the Capitol on January 6 are forced to stay behind bars until their trials next year. Not exactly “equal justice under the law.”

Attorneys for the five men charged in federal court with this so-called plot to kidnap Whitmer will no doubt make full use of Trask’s assault arrest in their defense.

But Trask’s arrest is only part of the problem facing federal prosecutors in this “kidnapping plot.”

An explosive report published at Buzzfeed on Tuesday reveals that some of the informants, working under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role in the plot than was previously known.

While the defendants in the case have maintained all along they were set up, the report in Buzzfeed all but confirms it. The actual drivers behind the plot were people working under the direction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to Buzzfeed, these informants weren’t just passively observing and reporting to the FBI the actions of the suspects. They actually had a hand “in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot” including its very inception.

The meetings around the country that first brought these alleged plotters together were organized by a long-time government informant from Wisconsin. He even paid for hotel rooms and meals to get people to attend.

This is beginning to sound like entrapment.

The Buzzfeed article is both infuriating and mind-boggling.

Couple that with the arrest of the lead agent in the case, this entire alleged “kidnapping plot” is starting to fall apart.

What’s more, the Buzzfeed report adds even more credence to the report that the events of January 6 were coordinated in part by FBI informants.