FBI Accused Of Hunting Americans With Flags In Yard, Trump Spox Says

(FiveNation.com)- During a recent interview, former President Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington launched into a rant, accusing the FBI of creating a “police state,” claiming the bureau would target Americans for no other reason than “having a Trump flag” in their yard.

Harrington appeared on “The Water Cooler with David Brody” on Real America’s Voice when, as the interview was wrapping up, host David Brody called out Harrington for using the phrase “police state,” asking her how she defines the term and why she would use it.

Harrington said the FBI spies and illegally seizes property, citing the FBI seizing the cell phone from MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell as an example.

She then brought up the recent FBI raid on the home of Pennsylvania pro-life speaker Mark Houck in late September. She noted that the misdemeanor charge against Houck had already been “thrown out of court,” but the FBI raided his home for it anyway.

She said the FBI will “show up at your door” if someone commits a “thought crime” rather than an “actual crime.” She also accused the FBI of raiding people’s homes without due process, adding that the FBI will “knock on your door for just having a Trump flag in your yard” even if you weren’t at the Capital on January 6, 2021.

But she wasn’t done.

Harrington also accused the FBI of targeting people who attended the Stop the Steal rally and had nothing to do with the Capitol riot. They are targeting anyone who talks about the “rigged and stolen 2020 election,” she claimed.

Harrington said the FBI does not have the right “to come and ask you questions and track you down.”

Calling the FBI’s actions “chilling,” Harrington accused them of spying on people’s Facebook messages and spying on Trump’s lawyer during the first impeachment.

She told Brody that this is why she says it is a police state, adding that the only way to stop it is if voters “stop them at the ballot box.”