Fauci Panics During Interview

(FiveNation.com)- Is Anthony Fauci starting to lose control of the plot?

It certainly looks like he is.

On Monday, Fauci sat down with Kara Swisher, the host of the New York Times podcast “Sway,” and inexplicably linked attacks on him with the January 6 melee at the Capitol.

Claiming there is an “organized effort” to “essentially discredit the truth,” Fauci cited as an example “people who think that January 6 was a friendly visit to the gift shop at the Capitol,” adding, “Come on. It’s a complete distortion of reality.”

Of course nobody thinks January 6 was a friendly visit to the gift shop. But Anthony Fauci has already proven himself a gifted liar.

After citing January 6 as a “distortion of reality,” Fauci turned to the people attacking him claiming they have “absolutely no idea what they’re talking about” when it comes to virology.

To her credit, Swisher tried to pin Fauci down on what specific evidence he had that the attacks against him were an “organized effort.”

Of course Fauci was forced to admit he had none.

Instead, he points out that people who know nothing about virology are talking about “furin cleavage sites” asking, “like, who gave you that talking point?”

Well, it’s possible these people are discussing “furin cleavage sites” because they read about it on the internet. That doesn’t amount to “proof” that there is an “organized effort” to “discredit the truth” so much as “proof” that people have an internet connection.

It sounds very much like Tony Fauci is panicking because people are beginning to wise up to his game.

It is rather remarkable that Fauci, who claims to be above politics, feels the need to hop aboard the “January 6 was an insurrection” bandwagon as a way to save his own skin.

The fact is, Fauci’s entire grift is built on hoping people have “absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.”

As the National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam pointed out on Monday’s War Room with Steve Bannon, Fauci’s belief is “you can’t be trusted” so government has to lie to you to get what it wants.

Fauci’s complaint isn’t that people don’t know what they’re talking about. Instead, he is alarmed that people are starting to inform themselves.

And this new informed public is catching on to just what a fraud Anthony Fauci is.