Farmer Shoots Wife Dead After Discovering Affair

A farmer, Richard Harrison, is suspected of murdering his 54-year-old estranged wife, Rachel, on their remote property before taking his own life.

Rumors circulated that the farmer’s wife was believed to have been having an affair before her husband died in a murder-suicide.

The 59-year-old sheep and cattle farmer’s acquaintance, the district commissioner of their local Pony Club chapter, said Rachel had an ongoing relationship with another.

The friend said that Richard and his wife had split up, but his pal said she was seeing someone else, and he thought that had been going on for a while. He had suspicions about her returning home at such an ungodly hour.

He said even though they weren’t living together, she sometimes returned to help with food preparation. When he visited him last week, he seemed very happy and composed. He looked great after losing weight. Nothing suggested this would happen.

The bodies of the Harrisons were found on Friday at their Leicestershire property near the hamlet of Saddington. Their respective causes of death were determined to be gunshot wounds by a postmortem investigation.

Although they have not yet located any more persons connected to the event, detectives from the Leicestershire Police have confirmed that an investigation is continuing.

It is said that they have two kids between them, and Mr. Harrison had kids from a prior marriage.

Along with tending to the cow farm, the couple also made local deliveries of eggs.

The acquaintance, who wished to remain anonymous, said Richard was well-liked. A large number of people are expected to attend the funeral.

A neighboring property owner described them as a wonderful family and a charming pair. ‘It sounds like something out of a horror movie,” he said.

The pair seemed quite close, according to one of their friends.

On Friday, December 15th, just before 11 a.m., the police were sent to the little community of 300 residents. The two bodies were found, according to the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Hundreds of people took to Facebook to share their sympathies.