Fan Arrested For Throwing Cup During NBA Game

( Police arrested a Brooklyn Nets fan last week at the Barclays Center after he threw a cup of ice at Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic.

With less than two minutes left in overtime in the game the Nets went on to lose, Kevin Durant was at the free throw line when a cup of ice landed between Doncic and Nets forward Nic Claxton, who was by the scorer’s table.

The cup-thrower then attempted to flee for the exit when he was apprehended by security.

According to ESPN, a spokesman for Barclays Center said the fan was later arrested.

The Slovenian Doncic had quite a night in the Mavericks’ 129 to 125 victory over the Nets, racking up 41 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists, so you can see why a Nets fan might have been upset.

In addition to facing a flying cup of ice, Doncic appeared to get shoved to the ground by Kevin Durant. However, it wasn’t clear if Durant’s shove was that forceful or if Doncic was playing it up to sell the bump as a foul.

But not all was sunny for Luka. In the final seconds of the game, Doncic had a careless turnover that led to Ben Simmons stealing the ball, setting up the tie-breaking dunk by Durant. But during overtime, Doncic made up for the turnover, scoring a pair of baskets that helped the Mavericks secure the win.

During the playoffs in 2021, a Celtics fan hurled a water bottle at Kyrie Irving for which the fan was arrested on a charge of assault and battery. The fan also faced a lifetime ban from Boston’s TD Garden for violating its guest code of conduct.

That same year, a Philadelphia fan threw popcorn at Wizards player Russell Westbrook in New York. Another fan tried to spit on Atlanta player Trae Young.