Facebook Removes NJ Women For Trump Page, Reinstates After Trump Steps In

(FiveNation.com)- Left-wing social media platform Facebook recently removed a “New Jersey Women for Trump” page, only to reinstate the page after the president stepped in and told them to fix it. The page, which has more than 29,000 members, was banned from Facebook just days before the presidential election.

Hearing the news, President Donald Trump stepped in and told the platform to “put them back NOW!”

In no time at all, the page appeared to be reinstated. Facebook claimed that it had been removed as a result of an “enforcement error.”

The president acknowledged that the page was restored, and thanked the social media platform.

Do you think the president believes that it was an error?

Priscilla Confrey, co-director of New Jersey Women for Trump, said that people are “really, really mad” about the platform taking down the page.

“It was a lot of work over the past year for a private group to just be shut down without notification,” she said. “Three days before Election Day? That is absolutely appalling. I just think these companies, these social media groups, have too much power. They offer to you to open up a group on their social media platform, and you could have 30,000 members, and they shut it down without telling you anything.”

Confrey also explained how Facebook has previously flagged posts on its page, particularly relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news came only a week after Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, answered questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Zuckerberg was made to answer for how his platform reacted to a legitimate story about the son of the Democratic presidential nominee from the New York Post. Facebook joined Twitter in censoring and throttling the spread of the article, claiming it needed to be fact-checked.