Ex Trump DNI Leader Vindicated on China

(FiveNation.com)- John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence, recently told Breitbart News that he is pleased to see that the Central Intelligence Agency has created a new unit focusing on the threat from the Chinese Communist Party.

During the interview, Ratcliffe said that the decision is in line with the work he was doing during the Trump administration.

The former National Intelligence chief said that he’s glad to see the CIA and the Biden administration “coming around to our way of thinking” and being more honest about China as the “threat that they truly are.”

Honestly, it’s kind of surprising. Given President Joe Biden’s family business interests in China, and how traditionally friendly he has been to the Chinese communists over the decades, you’d expect him to be telling the CIA to do the office.

During the Breitbart interview, which you can listen to here, Ratcliffe noted that Democrats had accused him of focusing too much energy on China during his time in office to downplay the threat from Russia – but the decision by the CIA to establish the new unit proves that Ratcliffe was right all along.

Just don’t go expecting an apology from the Biden administration.

“This is exactly what we were working toward but were criticized for at the time — it’s a recognition of the necessary shift to China,” Ratcliffe said.

It comes as mounting concern from both parties has grown in recent weeks regarding China’s increasing hostility towards Taiwan, the independently-governed island that China insists is a part of its territory.

President Xi Jinping recently announced his intention to “reunify” Taiwan with China and has flown more than 52 warplanes over the region in an act of intimidation.