Ex Attorney General Says Republicans Will Have “Clean Sweep” In Virginia Race

(FiveNation.com)- The race between Democratic former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin to become the next Virginia Governor is much closer than the Democrats expected…and some people are now even predicting that the Republican candidate might actually win.

During an interview with Fox & Friends on Monday, former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli showed just how optimistic he is about the Republicans’ chances of winning the off-year Virginia gubernatorial race.

Cuccinelli predicted that there will be a “Republican sweep” across the board on November 2.

He noted that big names have been called in to help the Democratic candidate maintain support, while GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin has not needed any big names from his party to help him campaign.

“And look, I’ve won and I’ve lost statewide in Virginia, and right now, Virginia feels like winning for Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares,” he told Fox.

He added that he doesn’t see anything changing, even with the arrival of President Joe Biden.

Why would anybody want to vote for a candidate just because Joe Biden, one of the most unpopular presidents in American history, endorsed him?

On the topic of the Virginia gubernatorial race, did you see the embarrassment of a rally the other night?

President Joe Biden appeared alongside Democratic candidate McAuliffe. The president’s clothes clearly didn’t fit and he looked lost, and not entirely sure why he was standing on a stage – and to his left was the candidate he was endorsing, doing a dance that could only be compared to the one the bear does in The Jungle Book.

Seriously, look at this insanity:

These are the best candidates the Democrats have to offer?