Even The Deep State Is Leaking Info About Joe Biden’s Scandal

(FiveNation.com)- Along with Biden’s attorneys, the Deep State FBI and DOJ are reportedly involved in information leaks to specific mainstream media sources. Similar to the Mueller team, the information made public about Biden’s criminal activities using secret documents comes from “unnamed sources.”

The Deep State and the mainstream media are part of the well-oiled corrupt misinformation machinery, which is again in operation.

Americans are left to piece together information on the Biden criminal classified document issue from the same sources feeding us lies about Russia collusion for the past four years.

Attorney Mike Davis argues that Biden’s actions were improper and points out how President Trump behaved within the bounds of the law (the Presidential Records Act gives presidents the ability to take nearly anything they want when they depart the White House) (holding classified documents in your garage for years is not protected by any laws).

Biden’s attorneys have been a primary source of information about his criminal activities. This is why we don’t have all the information.

Attorney General Garland has publicly established a Special Counsel. But many mysteries exist.

According to Victoria Taft of PJ Media, Attorney General Merrick Garland is under criticism for the glaring disparity between the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence to seize secret papers and the Car-a-Lago affair involving Joe Biden.

Therefore, Biden’s hit man, who “can’t comment on an ongoing inquiry,” has blatantly approved his trademark leaks to supportive media to justify his dishonesty. The justifications would be comical if it weren’t for how obvious it is how dishonest the Justice Department is. However, given that America’s judicial system, as represented by the DOJ and the FBI, is blatantly irretrievably broken and could send civil society tumbling down the hill, we should take Garland’s justifications seriously.

The DOJ and FBI are dreadfully dishonest. The information leaked about this case is worse than the leaked lies from the Mueller crew.