Europe Joins US In Seeing Migration as Key Issue Ahead of Elections

Over the last several years in the United States there has been a major crisis at the nation’s southern border with Mexico. Since the calendar year of 2021 and the presidential inauguration of the 46th Commander in Chief of the Union Joe Biden in January of 2021, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through this region. A recent report by the New York Post alleges that by the fall season of 2024, the federal migrant backlog will surpass 8 million individuals, a 167% increase since 2019, an appalling statistic. As the presidential election of this year nears ever closer, immigration remains a central issue for many voters. The Republican nominee for the presidency, the 45th Commander in Chief Donald Trump has made this a centerpiece of his campaign. Trump has promised mass deportations of illegal migrants.

 Conservatives everywhere have accused Democrats of importing mass numbers of foreigners with intentional purposes in order to bolster their voting base and disenfranchise traditional members of the American electorate. While Democrats and the president continue to deny this claim, Biden recently announced he would be promoting plans to grant amnesty to thousands of migrants. The issue is likely to remain a major concern for Americans as the election approaches.

The United States is not the only place in the world in which the concern over foreign migration is considered a major political issue. A recent article by politico shows that Europeans also feel that immigration is a major issue in their political sphere.

In Germany, a migrant recently murdered a policeman in a public square and right-wing groups in that Nation have seized this incident as an opportunity to promote their policies. The article alleges that many moderate and centrist political voters may be skewing to the right because of this issue. Ultimately time will tell what happens in Europe in the United States. The future is quite uncertain in both cases.