Establishment Terrified Of “Security Concerns” If Trump Runs Again

( During an interview on Sunday, former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates agreed with “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan that it would be a national security concern if former President Donald Trump runs for office again.

Margaret Brennan set the tone by pointing out that Gates had previously said he was “disappointed” in Republicans “for not standing up for traditional Republican values.” Bringing up the mass shooting in Buffalo, Brennan noted that disgraced Congresswoman Liz Cheney had recently attacked Republicans for enabling white supremacists and anti-Semitism. She then asked Gates if he agreed with Cheney.

Way to load the question, Maggie.

Surprisingly, Gates didn’t give Brennan the answer she was hoping for. Instead, he suggested that he wouldn’t go as far as Cheney, but he did add that not enough Republicans are “denouncing white supremacy.”

Good heavens. How many times do Republicans have to denounce white supremacists before these people are satisfied?

Then Brennan brought up the 3-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6, asking Gates if he thinks it’s important for the American people to have “a full accounting” of what happened.

Gates said he thought they should because January 6 was “a huge blight on our democracy.”

Brennan followed up, asking if Gates thinks there is any value in having the January 6 hearings “aired publicly.” Naturally, Gates said yes. But he’s worried that people won’t pay any attention to them but will instead “retreat to their ideological corner.”

In short, throughout the interview, Brennan asked questions that served Brennan’s political agenda. Question after question, Brennan stated her personal opinion, then asked Gates if he agreed.

Finally, Brennan capped off the segment by asking Gates if he believed (like she does) that Donald Trump running for office again “would present a threat to national security.”

Rather than give Brennan the answer she wanted, Gates said, “It would concern me.” The answer irritated the partisan host who remarked, “That’s a very diplomatic phrase.”

Watch HERE.