Eric Swalwell Facing Charges

( Eric Swalwell could be in serious hot water after a man he hired to serve Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks with a lawsuit illegally entered the representative’s home to serve his wife. Rep. Brooks slammed Swalwell for hiring a man who entered his home illegally and indicated that he plans to take legal action against Swalwell.

In a tweet on Friday, Brooks said that Swalwell was apparently trying to find him in relation to his “Save America” speech that Swalwell wrongly claims incited the January 6 violent riot.

“Guess the libs aren’t looking so hard,” Brooks mockingly added.

Then, on Sunday, Brooks said that Swalwell had finally done his job, serving his wife, and adding that his team “committed a CRIME by unlawfully sneaking INTO MY HOUSE & accosting my wife!”

Brooks also cited Alabama Code 13A-7-2, which describes the actions taken by Swalwell’s team as criminal trespass. The crime comes with a sentence of one year in jail and a fine of $6,000.

And he backed it all up with evidence, in case you were wondering.

Video footage shows the process server speeding into Swalwell’s driveway in his car and running into the garage after Brooks’ wife.

You can see it very clearly in the clip below.

A spokesperson for Brooks has since confirmed that the congressman has filed a criminal complaint with the police, and that the process server refused to leave when Mrs. Brooks told him to.

Matthew Kaiser, Swalwell’s attorney, claimed on Sunday night on CNN that a private investigator had been hired to track down Brooks after failing to find him in a public place.

Another attorney representing Swalwell, Philip Adonian, falsely claimed that nobody entered Brooks’ house – but video very clearly showed the process server entering Brooks’ property with his car, and then running into his garage.

Let’s hope that the police take this seriously.