Epstein Said He Managed Bill Gates’s Money

Billionaire philanthropist Barnaby Marsh claimed that the late Jeffrey Epstein said he helped manage Bill Gates’ money, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Marsh, who advises the rich on charitable giving, claimed that Epstein enjoyed gathering wealthy elites, including Gates, at his Manhattan townhouse to discuss solving the issues wealthy donors faced.

Marsh told the Journal that in those meetings, in which Epstein and his guests would discuss how to make large charitable donations, the late convicted pedophile also opened up his time in jail.

The philanthropist claimed that he would attend these meetings because the other guests all had an interest in philanthropy. He said so many of them knew Epstein but not one of them ever warned that he would “watch out for him.”

Marsh also told the Wall Street Journal that Epstein once told him that he was managing Bill Gates’ money. But a spokeswoman for Bill Gates denied what Epstein told Marsh, saying the late pedophile had “misrepresented his relationship” with the Microsoft founder.

The spokeswoman reiterated Gates’ previous statements that he only met with Epstein for philanthropic reasons and that he “deeply regrets” meeting with him. She said Epstein “never managed money or anything else” for Gates.

The Wall Street Journal obtained thousands of pages of Epstein’s schedules and emails from 2013 to 2017, revealing new information about some of the powerful and wealthy people who remained in contact with Epstein long after his conviction for soliciting underage prostitutes in 2008.

While many of the names in the documents are people already known to have associated with Epstein, including Bill Gates, some new details emerged.

Marsh told the Journal that he met for breakfast at Epstein’s townhome about two dozen times. He said he had hoped that Epstein would follow the example of others who were giving a “second chance” to positively impact the world. “In the end, he disappointed me,” Marsh added.